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Repairs & Upgrades

Ever thought about getting a flat screen moniter from your regular moniter for your computer but don't know how to connect everything properly? Have your sound just went out but everything looks like it should work? Does it take forever to start your computer up and load everything before you can do anything? Have you ever wanted to save something (file, music, or movie) on your computer and couldn't? Many other things like this can be solved by certain upgrades and/or repairs.

No matter what the problem may be I will give you my expert advice along with consulating with my other profesional sources, I will tell you if your situation/problems can be resolved without any extra cost of upgrading or repairs. I am not a computer store but i can help you find or sell you(Something i might have extra or just not using) the things you need for your situation. I will also install any hardware you may have bought yourself or borrowed/got from a friend that works on your computer and operating system if you want that. I try to be flexable for your certain needs.

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