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Rates and Fees
I guarantee my fees or prices to be the lowest on anything i do so give me a call to discuss the quotes and pricing...No need to pay a big buck that's what a big corperation wants you to do..Since this is my service i am offering to you i make my own prices...
Group Packages:  If you want more than one of my services i have available for you home or small business I will not charge you the same as if you were getting just one done at different times..Depending on the service you want added to the orginal one you ordered you will get that as low as 50% off on the other services you want added..Meaning get one service done - at the same time get the other services performed half off..(***maybe more***)
Referrals:---I am offering referrals $15 off your next visit...Yes $15 just for word of mouth..When someone come to me and tell me that you sent them to me I will write your name down and make a note of it so when i see you next time I will give you that $15 dollars off...

First Time Customers ask about a $10 off coupon that you may not have...But others may have...Everybody deserves to get the same deal I believe...

If I get your software not hardware but software like programs you use on your computers I will also never charge you the full price on anything I sell you..Software will always be as close to 50% off or more always...Call me to discuss what type of software and prices I am talking about...
Depending on the legnth of the work, the distance of our locations, and for your convience I make house calls.  But on longer work, troubleshooting, and/or convience I prefer work to be performed at my computer station. Because I always want the best for my customers on those occasions I prefer the customer to bring me their CPU(computer tower) and cords that go with it.. As I have the rest of the equipment to perform anything I need on your CPU and I may need to connect your computer to mines for many reasons..I do this because I do not charge by the hour meaning if your computer needs more than an hour or two that would be crazy charging you for that and you will always want your computer to run it's best and never have anybody rush to finsih something on your computer trying to make that hour..I will do everything no matter how hard the troubleshoting may be.  I will do everything and extinguish all my resources to make your computer to be the best running it can be and also the flyest it can be...That's what this site is all about being fly with your technology.

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