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Networking and Networking Sharing

You can share you internet connection-high speed or slow speed :) with any computer or gaming console in your home and up to a certain distance outside your home.  That saves so much money and time from unpluging from one computer to another or gaming console everytime you want to use one.  Well you can use them all at the same time simultaneously.  
     Play a movie, picture, or song from computer to another computer or gaming console simultaneously.  Say you have a movie on your computer well you can stream that movie from the computer to your Playstation 3 meaning all you have to do is click play on that movie on your playstation 3 and watch it like you had it on your playstation 3 that is on your computer. 
     Apply that same theory to computer - computer and share files, programs, and games.  These are different ways on saving money on doing one then do the other and saving alot of time from doing one then the other. Do them all and share them all.  Believe me it will save you alot of money and fustratoin with time being lost.
Don't feel like having a cord all around the house go wireless. There are two different ways of connecting all this together.  Wired or Wireless.  I could say wireless is the way to go for you but for others and the way the want things being wired is the way to go. Both have it's cons and pros.  We can discuss these things depending on your home and maybe business needs which way is the better way to go for you.  Everybody is different so just don't think one way is better than the other.
Just moving in your house/apt. and ordered internet, cable, and/or phone for your household.  I can set everything up for you or I can help you order and/or install the modem your internet/cable provider requests one the same day it's available or we buy whether it's wireless or wired. 

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