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Computer Maintenace

This is a service most people do not realize they need until it is too late. Many performance issues are often solved by a maintenance session. Dust buildup can choke the power supply and CPU fan. Loose connections from moves and incidental contact can cause crashes and failures. Repeated crashes over time can cause serious and crirtiful malufunctions that will sooner or later leave your computer in the graveyard. Viruses, spy ware and over the limit browser cache can cause severe performance issues and/or at least give you the perception of "slowness" on your computer.


When i perfom a routine maintenance service on your computer you can expect the following:

~ Check and clean all connections, fans, and card contacts

~ Clean the case and remove dust, dirt and debris
~ Clean keyboard and mouse and replace if necessary (replacement parts extra)
~ Virus detection and removal (software extra)
~ If needed a cleaning of your system registry (only if seriously need it most don't) 
~ Application of recommended Security Updates
~ Update browsers and internet applications
~ Removal of cookies, internet cache and "pop-up windows"
~ Clear up any unused or free up space on your hard disk 
~ Virtual memory and operating system tuning
Ask about getting a very good and highly rated Anti-Virus program free and installed on your computer FREE!!!!

Most computers have security software already installed that can be updated to protect your computer from the threats now a days or if you want a change in security from what you have been using we can discuss a new strategy on your computer safety. Most keyboards and mice can still be usable depending on the computer ports and drivers. Some can be fixed without buying new ones some can not. Depending on the situation you will be able to use one that you may have as a backup or from a friend or we can discuss on purchasing a new one.


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