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Nintendo Wii Owners

There are many things you can do with your Wii that you may not be aware of that i can perform on it.  The one thing i can do is modify your Wii so you can play games that you have made a back up copy of and maybe the best thing is that you can play old console games like super mario brothers for the old regular nintendo all the way to playstation 1 games..Thats is thousands maybe millions of games you can play now and have access to(I have thousands of games on my Nintendo Wii)... Now once you have your Wii modified I can not tell you what to do from there.. There are alot of things people are doing with their Wii that are illegal and legal.  Playing a back up copy of your own game is legal but playing a back up copy of someone elses game may be illegal.. If you wanted your Wii to do some of the fly things i said gaming consoles can do you would have to modify your Wii.  The regular Wii can not play DVD's or use a USB and other things.  When you have a modified Wii you can also play games on your Wii all they way back to the Atari days to I believe playstation 1 days.. Think about it you can play games you use to love like Ping Pong, Sonic the hedgehog, the first super mario brothers and so many more.  It endless almost..But you can't do these things if your Wii isn't Modified..  I know how to modify without installing any chips so your warranty will not expire and do it the correct and safe way.  Many might say they know how to but don't trust them and if you are not very and i mean very computer savy don't even attempt cause you can kill your Wii and it will not come back fron the dead.  I have a Wii I modified myself and mastered the correct way to perform this.  You can ask to see mines before you ask for yours to be done so you can see the proof.  Cause the proof is in the pudding..

*Special Offer* Refer someone to me for the Nintendo Wii and receive $10 off your price.  If you refer enough people you can get your Nintendo Wii done for FREE....

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